Release news

  • CADfix 12 SP1.1 (24 July 2020)
  • CADfix 12 SP1 (31 May 2019)
  • CADfix 12 (08 August 2018)
  • CADfix 11 SP2 (12 October 2017)
  • CADfix 11 SP1 (07 April 2017)
  • CADfix 11 (18 August 2016)

Detailed release information for CADfix

CADfix 12 is the most recent release of CADfix. Find detailed information on CADfix 12 as well as previous versions on the RELEASE INFORMATION page.

Documentation includes: What's New, Change Notes, Installation Guides, Supported Products, plus more detailed information for each release.

For product overview information visit the CADfix Product Page.

Service pack information for CADfix

Between major releases of CADfix there are a number of service packs available that will provide enhancements and resolution of problems. For more detailed information, please go to SERVICE PACK UPDATES.


See CADfix FAQ to find useful insights and information that ITI has gathered over the many years of supporting our CADfix customers. 

License code utilities

Click here to visit the Utilities page where you gather machine information needed to create a CADfix product license.

Contact Support

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