Why zero article inspection?

When the 3D model is moved through the MBE or digital enterprise, model variation will occur. Variations may be acceptable or not. Why wait until after investing in resources to find out what those variations are? 

Sources of variation

Unlike first article inspection, ZAI occurs at the intersection of design and manufacturing - where the geometry and PMI can be scrutinized and validated, before you invest in tooling, materials, and production costs. It is more efficient and more cost-effective to address model variation early in the process, before manufacturing of the first article.


What is zero article inspection?

Variations in the nominal geometry and PMI (product and manufacturing information) handed off between design and manufacturing, raise the question, “Why?” Suddenly, revision control issues, methods of incorporating changes, and potential for downstream modeling changes are evident. This is why zero article inspection (ZAI) is important, if not critical, to an MBE process.

ZAI with CADIQ is a step to check for digital model variation early enough in the process for manufacturers and suppliers to realize the significant time, cost, and quality benefits, and most importantly, to avoid form, fit, or function problems after product delivery.


CADIQ – the perfect solution for zero article inspection

CADIQ, a vendor-neutral application, identifies model-based design (MBD) data quality issues that impact downstream re-use for manufacturing, simulation, data exchange, and collaboration. CADIQ enables you to validate critical engineering processes including engineering change, revision control, and manufacturability. Key capabilities of CADIQ include derivative validation, revision comparison, and quality checking.

CADIQ compares geometry, design features, and product manufacturing information (PMI) between related models to identify significant differences. Results can be reviewed in the standalone CADIQ Viewer as well as summary text and statistical reports.  


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