Recommendations for Planning, Designing and Implementing MBE for MBD/MBM

Recommendations for Planning MBE MBD MBM

In industries where research and development are a key part of operations, the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) can be an enabler of faster growth and higher profitability. The MBE business process development is fraught with risks. However, with a well-designed approach, the right leadership, goal setting, and preparation, many of the risks may be managed or mitigated, and MBE can be leveraged to spur growth and reap increased profitability.

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Reducing the Cost Impact of Engineering Errors, Changes and Escapes for 3D Product Data

Engineering Change White Paper
The origin of quality issues for 3D product data often start with engineering “escapes” buried in a complex system of inefficient engineering change processes that create functional gaps and labor redundancies. The problem is exacerbated by reliance on outdated methods and procedures for exchanging product data with partners throughout the supply chain. Simply preventing the added step of re-creating 3D product data can result in significant annual labor savings alone, ranging from $5M to $100M and higher.

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Five Recommendations for Managing Legacy CATIA Data

Managing Legacy CATIA Data

CATIA V4 obsolescence still poses a major problem for many product data managers. This technical brief identifies five recommendations for reducing cost and quality issues associated with CATIA V4-to-CATIA V5 conversion, validation, and reuse.

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Exploring the Feasibility of supply-chain data reuse through standards-based interoperability for MBD

ITI NIST Data Reuse MBD Tech Brief 

This ITI technical brief outlines NIST project findings which demonstrate the use of 3D MBD model data in downstream processes via ISO standards.

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