Teamcenter integration for SOLIDWORKS

The SOLIDWORKS® Integration Manager with Teamcenter (also known as SWIM) is developed by ITI and sold by Siemens PLM. 

SWIM provides a bridge between SOLIDWORKS as the design system and Teamcenter as the system of record. SWIM improves efficiency while enabling users to focus on product development. In addition, users are able to manage data with Teamcenter with minimal effort, referring to clients only for virtual paperwork such as sign-offs and ECO processing. 

SWIM - SolidWorks Integration to Teamcenter

By using Teamcenter as a CAD neutral format, downstream users are given direct access to data when appropriate without interrupting the CAD users. And since SWIM follows all rules established in Teamcenter, groups such as Manufacturing, Procurement and Production can seamlessly consume SOLIDWORKS data downstream without disrupting corporate Teamcenter practices.


With our detailed knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and Teamcenter, combined with our dedicated Migration and Implementation staff, ITI is the perfect partner to ensure your project is successful.

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SWIM Local File Management