ITI's friendly, world-wide customer support team is proud to guarantee a response to maintenance customers within 24 hours of contact. We look forward to helping you successfully use our products in order to solve your interoperability needs.

Visit our support pages for news on the latest releases as well as contact information:

CADfix Support - Translate, repair and simplify CAD models for CAD, CAM and CAE.

CADIQ Support - Validate the accuracy and integrity of CAD model data.

DEXcenter Support - Automate supplier interoperability and compliance processes.

Proficiency and GoToINVENTOR Support - Automate feature-based CAD model conversion.

IGESworks Support - View, analyze, validate and edit IGES files for more reliable data translation.

PDElib Support - OEMs use PDElib to develop translators and applications based on today's popular standards and/or direct translators between strategic products.


Secure data transmission

Contact Us to securely send data. 

License code utilities

Click here to visit our License Utilities page where you gather the machine information needed to create a license code.