Release information

Proficiency 20.2, is the latest version of ITI’s leading feature-based CAD interoperability solution for manufacturers and their suppliers. Proficiency enables the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems, including geometry, features, sketches, manufacturing info, metadata, assembly information, and drawings in the conversion process. 


Current CAD Support

ITI - International TechneGroup


Major Functional Changes

  • AI: Support Import of Counter Drill Hole
  • NX Export: support for basic Sheet Metal features (Base Tab - as Extrude, Break Corner - as Fillet/Chamfer)
  • AI Import: support for Offset Face of disconnected faces
  • V5 export support new sketch entity type 2DPolyline
  • V5 Export: support for Default Datum Planes (MechanicalRefPlane)
  • SE Export: Tube support improvements

Problem reporting and tracking

The Proficiency development team uses a commercial software product called Footprints to track and resolve customer issues and enhancements. If you already have a login and password, please proceed to the Footprints Access site. Within Footprints, you will find utilities to create and manage enhancement requests and/or issues involving your use of Proficiency software. If you have not been assigned login information, please contact our Proficiency support team using the information at the bottom of this page


License code utilities

Click here to visit the Utility page to gather the machine information needed to create a Proficiency product license.


Contact support

Phone 1-888-783-9199