Milford, Ohio, 18 February 2016 – International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) today announces availability of the latest version of Proficiency, ITI’s leading feature-based CAD interoperability solution for manufacturers and suppliers.

ITI has improved Proficiency’s data exchange product suite to align with current market trends and customer requirements. Product enhancements in Proficiency 15.0 include support for the latest versions of popular CAD software, additional batch processing options, automated model re-naming, new formats including JT and CGR, and independent assembly validation by CADIQ.  

“I’m very excited about the new Proficiency Version 15.0. I believe it's one of our best and most robust releases. Version 15.0 is the first to offer a complete feature-base data exchange solution between mid-range CAD systems and high-end CAD systems,” commented Shay Peer, Proficiency Product Manager. “This fully parametric support includes parts, assemblies and associative drawings. In the MBD area, Proficiency 15.0 is continuing to improve; supporting associative conversion of PMI features between different CAD system and offering the DrawtoPMI tool for automatic creation of an MBD part from an associative drawing part.”

Automatic Migration from 2D Drawing to 3D models with PMI for MBD

 CAD system/license consolidation and efficient multi-CAD supply chain processes are common targets to improve efficiency and reduce software licensing costs. The Proficiency solution helps companies solve data conversion problems present in these processes by preserving the history and features of 3D models, converting drawings with associativity, and providing options to migrate the drawing information directly to the 3D model to support Model Based Design (MBD) initiatives.

“Proficiency enables automatic extraction and conversion of 2D drawing annotation data into 3D PMI,” offered Alex Tsechansky, General Manager of ITI Proficiency. “Perhaps most importantly, our solution maintains associativity of data from the original drawings across the conversion, making it ideal for a variety of migration and consolidation initiatives and especially valuable in multi-CAD environments. The greatest benefit of Proficiency for many customers is that it handles all aspects of such initiatives, from legacy data auditing through automatic conversion of assemblies, parts and drawings to completion of the converted models.”

Project-centric, CAD conversion requirements needs have increased. These shorter-cycle initiatives can be disruptive to project flow, require quicker turnaround, and do not require the scale of a traditional implementation. To address these shorter-term initiatives, ITI announces it now offers a “just in time” Proficiency option.

According to Asa Trainer, Vice President of Product Operations, ITI, “Our primary goal is to always provide the best value to our customers by packaging and delivering agile solutions at price points consistent with the type of projects they face. It was customer feedback that led us to develop individualized, focused solutions. Across the industry this is called different things, like “software as a service” or a subscription-based model. We just call it smart customer service.”

“As ITI looks to the future, our goal is to enhance our offerings to meet our customers’ changing needs,” Tom Gregory, CEO, added, “This “just in time” model for Proficiency represents our commitment to helping our customers succeed.”

You can now watch a recording of the 30 minute Proficiency Online Workshop:

Project-based approach to CAD conversion with Proficiency