Proficiency Feature-based CAD Conversion

Proficiency is a product that will solve your design transfer needs. Achieve accurate and usable models with up to 100% automation. A feature-based software, Proficiency enables the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems.

With Proficiency, you can seamlessly transfer design elements between CAD systems, including:

  • Geometry
  • Features
  • History
  • Sketch relations
  • Manufacturing information
  • Metadata
  • Assemly information
  • Drawings


Migrate CAD Models without Disrupting Project Flow

Proficiency offers source data auditing and automated conversion reporting, including feature validation and transaction records. In addition, Proficiency enables integration with CADIQ (for source-to-target comparison and downstream usability analysis) and CADfix (for generating high-quality geometry output).

With Proficiency, design teams can easily understand issues related to modeling practices, such as which techniques and features are most or least portable, robust or standard. And with this knowledge, you can leverage the full power of your CAD tool without generating models limited by the specifics of one particular system or representation.

Proficiency is packaged as a scalable enterprise server. This software solution may be integrated as part of a PLM workflow or embedded in an interoperability automation solution. To help improve automated results, Proficiency provides Completion Wizards for selected CAD systems.


Consolidate CAD Systems

Proficiency converts high-quality CAD models without losing workability or manufacturing data. The conversion process preserves design history; more importantly, though, it adds value by removing old issues embedded in the original model and extracting additional value from a CAD migration or conversion. This results in fully functional models in the target CAD systems that retain the original product knowledge and provide a reliable basis for further development. Learn more on our CAD Consolidation page.


Supported target CAD systems:

  • CATIA V5
  • NX
  • Creo/Wildfire
  • Inventor

Supported source CAD systems:

  • CATIA V5
  • NX
  • Creo/Wildfire
  • Solid Edge
  • Inventor

Associative Drawing Translation

Proficiency software solution can convert associative drawings along with the linked 3D models in one automated procedure. The process preserves the associative links and parametric definitions of views, sections, dimensions, and PMI while applying the drafting standards of the target system, including frames and title blocks.


Data Translation Services

Let ITI's Proficiency team handle your CAD data translation project for you. We will first perform an audit of the data set in order to provide an assessment of items included, and the cost to completely transfer all of your files from one CAD format to another while maintaining all features and associativity. We can also provide you with a validation report once the migration is completed, certifying the quality of the translated CAD files in the target system.