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To remain competitive, manufacturers are implementing model-based enterprise, advanced simulation, and PLM initiatives supported by best-in-class engineering systems. When product data interoperability issues threaten to impede the progress of these initiatives, you need a partner with proven experience. We are product data interoperability experts specializing in conversion, integration, validation, and migration solutions.

ITI offers an unparalleled suite of software products that solve complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products.



Translate, repair, and simplify CAD Models for CAD, CAM, and CAE

CADfix is one of the leading CAD interoperability tools for 3D data migration and CAE integration. It allows you to import CAD data and then repair and manipulate it to the most suitable form for reuse downstream. CADfix helps eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming CAD model rework.
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Validate the accuracy and integrity of CAD model data

CADIQ identifies differences in CAD models and potential shape and fits problems that may affect downstream applications, such as analysis and manufacturing. CADIQ accurately compares the geometry and manufacturing information of different CAD models, enabling you to validate critical engineering processes including engineering change, revision control, and manufacturability.
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Automate supplier interoperability and compliance processes

DEXcenter provides partner and supplier collaboration with managed secure file transfer and CAD process automation for multi-CAD and Model Based Enterprise (MBE) scenarios. DEXcenter is a standards-driven, easy-to-use solution that can be integrated with PLM or other enterprise applications on an SOA based vendor-neutral platform.



Automate the migration of intelligent fully-featured CAD data to INVENTOR

GoToINVENTOR feature-based translation enables the transfer of complete design intelligence from major CAD systems to INVENTOR with up to 100% automation. By providing fully functional models that retain the original product knowledge in INVENTOR, GoToINVENTOR maximizes CAD data re-use and offers a reliable basis for further product design and development.

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Automate feature-based CAD model
conversion and knowledge transfer

Proficiency automates the remastering of parametric CAD data from one CAD system into another. This enables you to maintain the intelligence in CAD models as they are migrated between different systems or translated within a multi-CAD environment. Proficiency’s capabilities support features, sketches, parameters, constraints, and manufacturing information.
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