We are industry leaders in Model-Based Definition (MBD), Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) integration, model-based methods, GD&T and GPS, and related disciplines. We help clients assess their current state, understand opportunities in Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), select the best options, and adopt and implement MBD and MBE strategies across the enterprise and supply chain.

ITI - International TechneGroup

We bring an unparalleled multi-disciplinary multi-layered approach to MBE implementation that includes training, guidance, leadership, staff development, software solutions, and staff to assist migration and implementation, from the highest level to engineers working detailed tasks. We help companies optimize and balance these systems for their environment, their supply chain, and their bottom line.

We also provide GD&T and ISO GPS training and consulting services. We have a unique understanding of these disciplines. Bryan Fischer brings decades of experience in GD&T, GPS, MBD, and MBE. We understand how these disciplines interact, how they complement one another, how they affect your business, and how to determine the best approach for implementation.

Our unique perspective and expertise span old-school drawing-based methods to today’s data-oriented model-based workflows and maker mindsets.  No one can help you as we can.

ITI - International TechneGroup

ITI - International TechneGroup

Bryan Fischer, Head of MBE Consulting

With over 35 years of industrial experience, Bryan is an author, mentor, trainer, and recognized leader in GD&T, GPS, Model-Based Definition (MBD), Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), tolerance analysis, dimensional management, and engineering standards. Bryan has written many books and articles on GD&T, tolerance analysis, engineering drawing and modeling practices, 3D CAD practices, Model-Based Definition (MBD), Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), and understanding engineering drawings (print reading). Bryan has advised large and small companies in many industries for many years, and he has trained thousands of people around the world.

**Bryan is a longtime participant in ASME, ISO, STEP, and other standards development (ASME Y14.5, Y14.41, ISO 10303-242, ISO 1101, ISO 5459, LOTAR, etc.)

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