Long-Term Archival and Retrieval

ITI is a member of LOTAR International. Run by leading OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry, LOTAR International’s objective is to develop, test, publish and maintain standards for long-term archiving (LTA) of digital data. The goal for these standards to enable long-term auditable archiving and retrieval processes and to be sustainable into the future is being achieved with CADIQ.

For long term CAD data archival, CADIQ will document any quality defects in a design model to set appropriate expectations for the reusability of the archive data. In addition, CADIQ has the ability to verify that any derived forms of the design model, e.g. STEP, are equivalent in quality and shape to the master model. These validation properties can also be used to verify the equivalence of any archive data format conversions that are required to maintain the archive over time.


Long Term CAD Data Archival

Data Delivery Certification

CADIQ verifies that the design model has no quality defects that will impede anticipated downstream use of the model. It also verifies that any derived forms of the design model (IGES, STEP, CAD translation, etc.) are equivalent in quality and shape to the master model. When using STEP, users can add validation properties to the model, which can then be used by the recipient to validate that a translated (imported STEP) CAD model is equivalent to the master model.

While CADIQ has always promoted native system interfaces as the most robust approach for validation, not all scenarios allow access to native CAD systems. This is especially true with small suppliers that must adhere to typical OEM partner mandates or quality specifications. These procedures often specify that converted forms of original CAD Master Models be properly validated to confirm that the original product design intent was not altered.

 CADIQ STEP Validation
Revolved faces are lost during STEP export

Validate Critical Engineering Processes with CADIQ

CADIQ identifies Model-Based Design (MBD) data quality issues that impact downstream re-use for manufacturing, simulation, data exchange and collaboration. CADIQ enables you to validate critical engineering processes including engineering change, revision control and manufacturability.

CADIQ compares geometry, assembly structure, design features and product manufacturing information (PMI) among related models to identify significant differences. Results can be reviewed in the standalone CADIQ Viewer as well as summary text and statistical reports. User-friendly 3D PDF reports are also generated for distribution across the enterprise. When design problems are diagnosed on the manufacturing floor, CADIQ can effectively communicate them back to engineering using the 3D PDFs.

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