Linked Intelligent Master Model


Linked Intelligent Master Model (LIMM) reduces non-recurring engineering and non-recurring manufacturing costs, reduces time to first build, and accelerates evaluations that drive the qualification process.
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LIMM features

  • Enable rapid iteration across simulation and analysis models
  • Predict machine behavior
  • Interpret information from fabrication machine sensors
  • Provide 3D integrated views of planned build, as-built, and as-measured information

The LIMM process


Changes and model updates are propagated to all models in the digital thread. Subject matter experts decide if the change is to be incorporated, based on the target(s) for each model.

Cross domain changes and updates are enabled by transform models. The transform is created once and reused throughout the development process.

Information is accessed from many sources to drive the models and support decision processes. Sources may include: PDM, PLM, MRP, ERP, Materials data, Quality data, Machine data, CT data, Test results, etc.

The data is spatially mapped to a common reference system for cross domain analysis.

ITI - International TechneGroup


LIMM process components systems

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