Gathering Machine Information for License Codes

Included in the compressed files (links below) are utilities to help gather machine information needed to create an ITI product license. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you are on the machine that will be either the license server or the node-lock machine for the ITI product.
  2. Download the corresponding file for your machine. NOTE: To check if you downloaded the correct file, verify the size of the file with what is listed below.
  3. Extract the utilities from the compressed file.
  4. Run the "get_mach_info_xxx" program. This will create a results.txt file.
  5. Edit the results.txt file to include the name of the product(s) you are licensing, or include the product in your email.
  6. Email the results file to:



    Fax the results file to:
    Americas 1-513-576-3994