In the highly competitive automotive sector, suppliers have to collaborate effectively with several OEM customers who dictate the processes and file formats to be used for fully certified collaboration. Suppliers may be working in their preferred CAD system, such as CATIA V5 or Creo, and need to exchange high-quality data on a daily basis with several customers who will be using different CAD systems, like NX. 

JT Translation Validation Automotive

In an effort to help manage this process, Daimler who uses NX as their corporate design system has standardized on JT as the neutral format for customer-supplier collaboration. CADfix provides suppliers with a fully certified bi-directional translator between a wide range of native CAD systems and formats and JT.


CADfix for JT Translation

Multi-CAD interfaces, combined with advanced geometry diagnostics, repair, and translation tools in a user-friendly wizard interface, ensure that CADfix meets industry requirements for JT-based interoperability between customers and suppliers. CADfix helps you streamline JT collaboration processes ensuring maximum productivity, reducing downstream rework and lead times, and guaranteeing product quality. 

CADfix for JT Translation



Multi-CAD JT translation for OEM compliance and collaboration     



  • Import and export functionality for a variety of CAD formats, solid modeling kernels, and data exchange standards
  • Advanced healing and repair engine to correct and repair geometric and topological flaws within the CAD model
  • Batch, wizard, and diagnostic-driven modes for automatic and interactive functionality
  • Control of JT export options: JT version, level of detail, and tolerances
  • External JT configuration file support
  • Calculation of mass properties and writing into the JT file
  • Support for part geometry
  • JT and PLM/XML assembly support
  • B-rep and facetted geometry

CADfix is packaged as a desktop or server solution, with extensible modular functionality dependent upon the end user’s source and target systems. The application may be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools.



CADfix provides a solution for bi-directional multi-CAD and JT CAD translation that meets the requirements of leading global manufacturing companies.  CADfix is a certified Daimler JT conversion solution:
CADfix version
JT version
Expire date
October 18, 2022

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CADIQ for JT Validation

ITI has been selected as the validation partner for the JT Implementer Forum, providing CADIQ as a tool for validating JT output from the major PLM and interoperability vendors. Derivative models, such as JT, are often created for downstream consumers who do not have direct access to the CAD system in which the native model originated. The ability to seamlessly share and verify JT files between OEMs and suppliers ensures data compliance with the ISO standard for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information.

The accurate and robust CADIQ model comparison enables engineers responsible for data translation with customers and suppliers, as well as those involved in long-term data archival and retrieval (LOTAR), to fully validate and certify their JT model conversions, ensuring that the integrity of their product data is maintained across the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle.  

CADIQ PMI Validation


CADIQ verification of translated CAD model, identifying changes in PMI            



  • Accurate JT quality and comparison analysis technology
  • Assembly and part feature parameter comparison diagnostics
  • Precise and graphical geometry validation
  • Part level PMI quality and comparison diagnostics
  • Batch processes to qualify and/or validate models and monitor processes in real-time
  • Side-by-side viewer to enable easy comparison and analysis results interpretation
  • 3D PDF reports with side-by-side views and diagnostic highlights

An essential part of any collaboration process is the validation of translated files to ensure that no unexpected deviations have been introduced and that the model is 100% accurate. As with any translation process, collaboration via JT also requires validation, especially in the Model-based Enterprise (MBE) environment, where both geometry and critical product manufacturing information (PMI) needs to be fully validated. ITI’s CADIQ solution provides comprehensive validation of JT geometry and PMI. 


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