Milford, Ohio, 7 April 2016 – International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems, is pleased to announce participation at the upcoming ProSTEP iViP Symposium, 20 and 21 April, at the ICS Messe Stuttgart, Germany. Experienced interoperability advisors will be available on stand #06 to consult with attendees regarding their CAD model quality, migration and translation needs.

The presentation, “Implementing a LOTAR Long Term Archiving Process within Teamcenter”, will be delivered 21 April at 14:30 in Track 15. Norbert Zimmert will share MTU Aero Engine’s story of a successful, long-term archival and retrieval (LOTAR) implementation. CADIQ from ITI is the solution used for verification and validation of the STEP files within this LOTAR system.

Aerospace and defense industry products have lifecycles exceeding 50 years. With the rapid increase in the amount of digital data associated with every part, CAD model data archival and retrieval solutions have escalated in importance for any company whose products have a long life. As a founding member of the LOTAR organization, ITI has vast experience and expertise along with the most technologically advanced solutions in the marketplace for CAD data validation. ITI’s CADIQ solution analyzes MBD models, and identifies defects and differences in derivative models that impact downstream reuse for manufacturing and sustainment, making the solution a critical facet of any LOTAR process.

“Validation of CAD models is critical for ensuring that the integrity of the digital thread can be trusted throughout the lifespan of a product. Application of ITI’s technology to initiatives such as LOTAR at our aerospace and defense customers has augmented the growth of our CADIQ business in the European market, while earning its reputation as the gold standard CAD validation tool.” said Doug Cheney, CAD Validation Specialist, ITI. “CADIQ is invaluable for supporting any MBE process that requires automated model comparison and validation, such as rapidly identifying changes in new model revisions received from customers, certifying the accuracy of files translated for delivery to design and manufacturing partners, and ensuring the robustness and fidelity of migrated or manually remastered CAD data.” continued Cheney.

ITI is actively engaged with customers across Europe, deploying interoperability solutions such as Proficiency, CADIQ and CADfix to streamline migration and collaboration processes, and ensuring that they get optimum value from their PLM investments. “This conference is always the perfect opportunity to discuss interoperability requirements and experiences with new and existing clients” says Cecil Lewis, European Business Development Manager, ITI. “We are excited about our advanced validation and migration offerings and their value to the engineering community, and look forward to discussing them with a wide selection of end users at this year’s ProSTEP event.”

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