Cambridge, UK, 6 June 2016 – International TechneGroup Limited (ITI), the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems, will be exhibiting at the NAFEMS UK Conference, 15-16 June 2016 in Telford, England.

In addition to sponsoring this comprehensive analysis and simulation event, ITI will be presenting advances in CADfix geometry processing and CAE integration technology for advanced simulation that have been achieved through working closely with customers and as part of UK government sponsored advanced technology projects.

The three year UK government research initiative aimed at advancing geometry handling and integration (GHandI), focused on improving the methods and processes for generating and manipulating high fidelity aircraft and turbo machinery component geometries and associated computational meshes. Henry Bucklow, Principal Project Engineer at ITI, will present the key technologies developed through the GHandI project that enable the automatic generation of high quality hybrid meshes for CFD, specifically in relation to the requirements of a leading aircraft manufacturer and their future CFD meshing ambitions.

Another UK government project concerned with innovative computational electromagnetics and novel integration technologies (ICENITE), aims to optimize the structure of cables in bundles used in large platforms such as aircraft and ships. Henry Bucklow will be a joint presenter of a paper with BAE Systems and the University of Nottingham. The paper describes the advanced computational electromagnetic requirements at BAE Systems, the key computational and pre-processing tools needed, and ICENITE project achievements to date.

Andrew Chinn, Commercial Director at ITI, will also be presenting and demonstrating the CADfix advanced morphing technology for the accurate deformation of CAD models based upon simulation and physical testing results.

"ITI continues to ensure that CADfix delivers breakthroughs in 3D geometry processing, tackling some of the toughest 3D geometry issues affecting industry today. Working closely with customers, we are able to clearly identify areas where novel geometry processing technology is required, which could have a significant impact on engineering process efficiency,” states Chinn. “ITI has extensive experience helping organizations make advancements in CAD model preparation, integration and process automation for advanced simulation, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our insights with customers at the NAFEMS event.”



NAFEMS is a not for profit organization aimed at promoting best practices and fostering education and awareness in the engineering analysis community. In line with its objectives to promote the effective use of simulation technologies, NAFEMS is continually seeking to create awareness of new analysis methodologies, deliver education & training, and stimulate the adoption of best practices and standards by offering a platform for continuous professional development.

About International TechneGroup (ITI)

International TechneGroup Incorporated began in 1983 with a mission to help manufacturers drive innovation and time to market by applying computer-aided product development to engineering problems. Today, ITI is the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems. Our customers recognize the value in having a trusted solution partner that provides more than just software. ITI solves complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products.