Milford, OH, December 19, 2017 – International TechneGroup Limited (ITI), the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems, will be presenting three papers at next month’s AIAA SciTech Forum in Kissimmee, FL, January 8-12, 2018.

 Mark Gammon, ITI UK Technical Director, will be at AIAA presenting “A review of common geometry issues affecting mesh generation” which will highlight some of the significant bottlenecks in the current industry standard CFD workflow. The NASA CFD Vision 2030 study proposed that coupling faster and more reliable meshing technologies with ever more complex CAD geometries was one of the revolutions needed to achieve the 2030 vision. Ensuring that CAD geometry provided by commercial CAD systems is appropriate for rapid meshing generation is crucial, and Mark will describe the common geometry issues facing the CFD community.

Issues such as short edges in CAD can cause problems in meshing

Issues such as short edges in CAD can cause problems in meshing

ITI will also be presenting a joint paper with Imperial College London at the SciTech event. The presentation “High-order curvilinear hybrid mesh generation for CFD simulations” describes a framework for generating high quality, high-order hybrid meshes to efficiently simulate boundary layer flows in CFD. ITI’s CADfix CAE geometry handling solution was used firstly to prepare geometry and build a thickened boundary layer partition via CADfix’s Medial Object technology. A coarse linear mesh was built within the near-field partition and then exported to the Imperial team via the CADfix API. The coarse linear mesh and geometry was imported into Imperial College’s open source NekMesh system where the high-order elements are built by splitting the linear mesh ready for solving. ITI and Imperial will be presenting two validation cases: the NASA CRM and Rotor 67.

A cut through of the high-order curvilinear hybrid mesh on the Rotor 67 research model.

A cut through of the high-order curvilinear hybrid mesh on the Rotor 67 research model

A third paper will also be presented by ITI at SciTech, as a follow up to their participation in the June 2017 AIAA Aviation event. “Preparation and Analysis of Geometry Models Used in the AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation I and High-Lift Prediction III Workshops” will be presented by ITI’s Mark Gammon, in conjunction with William Jones of NASA Langley Research Center and Nigel Taylor of MBDA UK.

CADfix high lift

ITI has extensive experience helping organizations to enhance their product development process through CAD data exchange and migration and welcomes discussions during the AIAA event. To register visit:


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