Milford OH, November 7, 2022 - Global interoperability solution provider International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), is pleased to announce the release of CADfix PPS 4, the latest version of its CAD model simplification and file size reduction software. CADfix PPS helps plant and process, power industry, marine and offshore engineers achieve up to 80% reduction in engineering design labor and costs associated with CAD model simplification.

CADfix PPS 4 sees advances in all areas of the product with a focus on enabling users to simplify large equipment assembly models more effectively. Highlights include improved and faster automatic model simplification with new Smart Deconstruction technology, extensive new manual simplification tools, and updated CAD interfaces.

ITI - International TechneGroup

Fig 1. CADfix PPS intelligent automatic deconstruction and simplification of complex CAD assemblies


The CADfix PPS automatic simplification Wizard has been given a significant overhaul. A new Smart Deconstruction feature automatically splits complex or pre-joined solids into simplified primitive pieces, enabling a greater level of simplification than was previously possible. The box and cylinder simplification tool has been extended with a new conical primitive option. The hole, protrusion, and internal detail removal features are all faster and can handle more complex cases. The result is a robust and fully automatic CADfix PPS model simplification process that maintains the balance between processing time, file size reduction, and retaining the appropriate level of detail.

CADfix PPS 4 also adds the ability to automatically identify complex extrusions and convert them into simplified extruded profiles, with options to control the level of detail retained. This has a major impact on reducing file size for models containing a high number of structural members.

ITI - International TechneGroup

Fig 2. Complex extrusion simplification


Lettering and logos are a frequent source of excess data in mechanical CAD models that is not required in plant design systems. ITI has implemented a new tool that identifies raised, sunken and flat lettering or logos and automatically removes them, producing significant file size savings.

CADfix PPS 4 includes a new utility to automatically create assembly structures, allowing further processing time and file size reductions. CADfix PPS 4 can quickly identify repeated parts, remove duplications, and then automatically create a new assembly structure using instances of the primary part.

As with every new release, the CAD import and export interfaces are updated with enhancements to the standard STEP, DWG, Parasolid and SAT interfaces, plus updates to support the latest native CAD formats. “The power of CADfix PPS is in its ability to rapidly simplify large equipment models for integration into plant design
systems, where productivity improvements make a real difference”, commented Andy Chinn, Director at ITI. “The latest version will deliver further time and cost savings for our customers, helping them achieve even greater time to market reductions in a very competitive industrial environment.”