June 11, 2020 - Global interoperability solution leader International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), is pleased to announce the release of CADfix PPS 3, the latest version of its CAD model simplification and file size reduction software.

CADfix PPS is a user-friendly solution built on a proven CAD model translation, repair and simplification platform, designed to help plant and process, power industry, marine, and offshore engineers achieve up to 70% reduction in engineering design labor and costs associated with large CAD model simplification.

The release of CADfix PPS 3 sees advances in all areas of the product with a focus on enabling users to simplify large equipment assembly models more effectively. Key updates include improved intelligent automatic model simplification, extended batch running capabilities, new manual simplification tools, import and export updates, and a new streamlined graphical user interface.

ITI - International TechneGroup

A key feature of the new release is a major update to the CADfix PPS automatic model simplification Wizard. Legacy automatic simplification features have been enhanced and a greater level of simplification process intelligence added, including the special treatment of small solids in pipe runs and the handling of conical and domed vessel end caps. The result is a more robust and consistent fully automated model simplification and file size reduction process that maintains a balance between model processing time, file size reduction, and retaining the appropriate level of detail.

Two new manual simplification tools have been added. A new “Extrude” tool allows users to sweep complex faces into new simplified solid representations whilst maintaining the aesthetic of the original model, and a “Facet Decimation” tool quickly reduces the triangle count in faceted models.

The ability to merge multiple files during import plus the drag and drop of additional models into the workspace enables the re-use of pre-simplified parts and avoids repeated work.

As with every new release of CADfix PPS the import and export interfaces are updated with incremental improvements to the standard STEP, DWG, Parasolid, and SAT interfaces, plus support for the latest native CAD formats.

“The power of CADfix PPS is in its ability to rapidly simplify large equipment assembly models for integration into plant design systems, where productivity improvements make a real difference”, commented Andy Chinn, Director of the ITI CADfix development office. “The latest version of CADfix PPS will facilitate even greater time and cost savings and help our customers realize further time to market reductions in what is an extremely competitive industrial environment.”