May 22, 2018 – International TechneGroup (ITI) announces performance, usability, and functionality improvements with the release of CADIQ 11.

 The rise of model-based initiatives in manufacturing is increasing need for model re-use. For many customers, especially those in the aerospace industry, stringent requirements demand a high level of data integrity. Whether for downstream manufacturing re-use or for inspection, there is a greater emphasis on the need to trust the CAD model as it moves through the digital enterprise. CADIQ is the industry-leading validation solution to identify model-based design (MBD) issues that adversely impact downstream uses and processes.

According to ITI’s CADIQ Product Manager, Raphael Nascimento, “CADIQ provides critical technical capabilities to establish trust in the model as well as trust in any derivatives of the model. CADIQ capabilities support sophisticated engineering and manufacturing processes, as well as complex model types.”


CADIQ 3D PDF report identifies face with more than one geometric tolerance reference

Sample CADIQ 3D PDF report that identifies a face with more than one geometric tolerance reference.


These are a few of the many updates included in CADIQ 11 to support comprehensive validation of CAD geometry and PMI.

Single page 3D PDF report – The enhancement of a single-page report makes it easier to navigate models with saved views and improves usage and internal sharing by reducing file size.

Enhanced CADIQ viewer and controller – Updates and improvements to the CADIQ interface, including redesigned item and folder icons, make it more user-friendly. Switching between saved views from a single viewer window saves time, while new preferences for overriding native annotation color and circling highlighted areas make the results easier to understand with enhanced visual display. 

Enhanced PMI validation for MBD models – This update offers new PMI and saved view diagnostics, as well as improvements to existing PMI diagnostics, making the validation of MBD models more intuitive. Enhanced support for complex geometric tolerances, including improved diagnostics to handle advanced modifiers and compound datum references, complies with more recent GD&T standards.

Improved support for advanced data types – CADIQ 11 provides new capabilities to validate advanced CAD model types. For example, now engineers can validate JT assembly models containing PMI. Solidworks users can now analyze any of the named configurations of their part models. The analysis of NX models has also been enhanced by allowing users to filter geometry according to multiple named reference sets. 

In addition to the above highlights, there are many more enhancements in CADIQ 11 that users will find beneficial, including new CAD system version support and improved security and system administration. 

“When it comes to quality checking, derivative validation, and revision comparison, CADIQ’s capabilities are some of the strongest in the industry,” stated Nascimento. “Today more than ever, these capabilities give our customers confidence in their models as they move from design to manufacturing. Early feedback on the latest release has been quite positive, and we are excited to provide CADIQ 11 to our customers.”

CADIQ compares CAD models of various formats to identify geometric shape, quality, annotation and PMI saved view differences introduced by engineering changes, translation or manual remodeling. It highlights shape differences in form, mass properties, surface geometry and topology. Quality defects that impede analysis, manufacturing or data exchange processes are clearly identified with no extraneous information. CADIQ analysis uses the native programming interface of each CAD system to maximize accuracy and robustness. Validation results can be provided in an easy-to-use 3D PDF format. All functionality is available in a command line interface for integration into PLM systems. 

With CADIQ 11, engineers have added capabilities to enhance mission critical model validation. More information on the latest release is available at