Milford, OH, August 23, 2016 – International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems, now offers a fully certified JT translator supported by a comprehensive file validation solution.

ITI’s multi-CAD CADfix translation software helps streamline JT collaboration processes ensuring maximum productivity, reducing downstream rework and lead times and guaranteeing product quality. CADfix’s advanced geometry diagnostics, repair and translation tools, combined with a user friendly wizard interface, ensure that industry requirements for JT based interoperability are met. CADfix is packaged as a desktop or server solution that may be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools.

CADfix export JT

CADfix interface (left), with exported JT in JTtoGo (right)

Derivative models, such as JT, are often created for downstream consumers who do not have direct access to the CAD system in which the native model originated. The ability to seamlessly share and verify JT files between OEMs and suppliers ensures data compliance with the ISO standard for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information.

An essential part of any collaboration process is the validation of translated files to ensure that no unexpected deviations have been introduced and that the model is 100% accurate. As with any translation process, collaboration via JT also requires validation, especially in the Model-based Enterprise (MBE) environment, where not only geometry but critical product manufacturing information (PMI) needs to be fully validated. ITI’s CADIQ solution provides comprehensive validation of JT geometry and PMI.

ITI has been selected as the validation partner for the JT Implementer Forum, providing CADIQ as a tool for validating JT output from the major PLM and interoperability vendors. “In our consortia work, we have yet to find a model that does not have significant difference between the graphic and semantic CAD representation to JT,” added Doug Cheney, ITI CAD Validation Specialist.

CADIQ verification of CAD PMI
CADIQ verification of translated CAD model, identifying changes in PMI

“The European automotive industry has been a leader in the adoption of JT for OEM/supplier collaboration,” states Don Hemmelgarn, Senior Executive Vice President of ITI, “We are pleased to have gained supplier certification for one of the leading OEMs in the European region. As more organizations adopt MBD and utilize lightweight files such as JT within their organizations – and require their suppliers to follow suit – the visibility and value of tools such as CADfix and CADIQ will continue to increase.”

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