ITI, the world’s leading CAD data interoperability supplier, is pleased to announce the release of a new German language web site,, to support an ever increasing customer base and demand for interoperability and OEM compliance solutions in Germany.

“We have always had a strong web presence to support our customers and solutions around the world. The delivery of effective solutions to the thriving German market is important for us” comments Margo Mohler, Marketing Director at ITI. “This has become increasingly important in recent years as we strive to meet the demands of an evolving European PLM landscape, where leading manufacturers are changing CAD systems and their supply chains are being asked to adapt to new systems and interoperability formats.”

ITI’s technology is continually advancing to meet the demands of its customers around the world. This is especially true for customers in Germany where significant market factors have been driving the development of our high end solutions for CAD migration, translation for OEM compliance and CAD data validation.

The ITI solution set for addressing multi-CAD interoperability issues includes:

Proficiency - automates the re-mastering of parametric CAD data and the transfer of design knowledge between different CAD systems for legacy data migration or multi-CAD collaboration.

DrawtoPMI - automatically combines a 3D CAD model with its’ associated 2D Drawing file to generate a 3D part file containing Product Manufacturing Information for use in the Model Based Design environment.

CADIQ - validates the accuracy and integrity of your engineering data, accurately comparing 3D CAD models and enabling the validation of engineering processes such as CAD system migration, data exchange and legacy CAD data re-mastering.

CADfix - enables the translation, repair and simplification of CAD models and is one of the leading CAD interoperability tools for 3D data exchange and CAD/CAM/CAE application integration.

In 2009 ITI opened a permanent office in Landshut, Germany which continues to grow in support of the German customer base. Cecil Lewis, Manager of European Business Development and the ITI Germany office adds, “For over a decade we have had the pleasure of working with many customers in Germany with our Proficiency software, prior to the acquisition of this technology by ITI. In recent years we have advanced in providing solutions bundled with ITI’s full product suite addressing mission critical interoperability issues. By working closely with our customer’s IT and Engineering teams, we have developed new feature based translators to support large scale global CAD migrations and have implemented advanced validation solutions to support automated CAD model release checking and change control.  These are exciting times in the PLM industry and we look forward to bringing our solutions to an even wider audience in Germany and Northern Europe in the future”.

The introduction of a new German web site with supporting German language product collateral illustrates the importance that ITI places on the German market. For more information visit the German language site: or for English: 


About ITI 

ITI provides interoperability solutions that enable companies to effectively exchange, reuse, integrate and share engineering product data among diverse software applications used throughout a manufacturing enterprise and its supply chain. ITI solutions are aimed directly at reducing and eliminating non-value-added time and costs associated with reusing product data. ITI solutions are distributed worldwide through a combination of direct sales, resellers, and strategic vendor/OEM partners. Included
among ITI’s customers are ABB, Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Daimler, EADS, Ford, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Lego, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MAHLE Powertrain, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Renault, Rockwell Collins, Samsung Electronics, Siemens Automotive, Snecma, Spirit AeroSystems, Thales, ThyssenKrupp, US Air Force, US Army, Xerox and others.


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