ITI and EMA3D/CADfix integration drives efficiency for electromagnetic simulation

Milford, Ohio, October 17, 2016 – International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) is pleased to announce the release of a new case study describing the use of its CADfix solution for geometry handling and meshing for the EMA3D advanced electromagnetic simulation software. Electromagnetic Applications Inc. (EMA) has developed a set of integration tools that allow CADfix to act as a pre- and post-processor for the EMA3D multi-physics solver suite. EMA customers use CADfix for model import, repair, simplification, analysis property definition and meshing, ahead of export to EMA3D.

EMA3D lightning simulationEMA3D lightning simulation

Aerospace companies seek the most thorough, efficient and accurate methods to achieve FAA certification. One aspect of this involves testing to ensure safety during a lightning strike. Because physical testing is expensive, requires significant resources, and limits potential scenarios that engineers can measure, the use of electromagnetic simulation as a method of achieving compliance is increasing. This is made possible by advances in simulation capabilities and validation accuracy; and requires justified and verified analysis models.

The CAD master model drives the electromagnetic analysis, and while CAD systems provide the geometry for the master models, it takes time to prepare and verify the geometry. The innovative EMA and CADfix integration delivers a suite of validated tools designed to enhance electromagnetic testing, and enables analysts to begin with more robust geometric definitions. EMA uses CADfix as a pre- and post-processor to expedite this process. “Every step of the process for us involves CADfix,” stated Tim McDonald, PhD, Chief Scientist at EMA.

EMA3D spacecraft charging simulationEMA3D spacecraft charging simulation

Through their integration with CADfix, EMA has implemented new system-modeling approaches to simulate the interaction of systems and their electronics with electromagnetic environments – saving time, increasing accuracy, and saving money. According to Cody Weber, Senior Scientist at EMA, “CADfix is the central working hub that interfaces with all of our solvers.”

“We have partnered with EMA for many years. It is a pleasure to work with the team of electromagnetic analysis experts at EMA and to see how CADfix helps to automate their CAD to CAE processes and allows EMA customers to work more efficiently. We look forward to the partnership continuing for many years to come.” commented Andy Chinn, Commercial Director from ITI’s UK CADfix development office. 

Read more about how EMA uses CADfix to deliver key integration and simulation solutions, enabling them to provide their customers with validated tools to help design safer and lower cost systems.

Download the EMA3D CADfix Case Study


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