Milford, Ohio, February 3, 2016 – International TechneGroup, Inc. (ITI) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Glacier Technologies, LLC. With a vendor neutral approach to helping customers achieve value from their engineering, manufacturing, and quality systems, Glacier aligns well with ITI’s business strategy.

“Glacier’s consulting approach is ideal for enabling ITI to better understand how and where we can offer more value through our PLM integrations. This acquisition rounds out ITI’s PLM integration business, which encompasses; vendor/OEM integration development, end-user integration implementation, legacy PDM/PLM data migration consulting, and now business integration consulting,” commented Tom Makoski, Executive Vice President. 

As products become more complex, supply chains become more integrated and distribution becomes more global. Companies are integrating more and more systems into their overall business process. “Our business focus is to help customers maximize their technology investment, via effective system integration strategies. Joining the leader in engineering interoperability solutions at this time makes sense for Glacier. We believe that the combination of ITI and Glacier will enable us to bring significantly more value to our customers,” added John Rajendran, Business Integration Consulting Director.

“This was an ideal opportunity for ITI to strengthen our team and grow our business,” stated Tom Gregory, CEO. “It gives ITI both vendor-aligned and independent consulting practices, while expanding our customer support and customer reach.”

“The acquisition of Glacier brings a strong customer-facing consulting practice to ITI,” Randy Morgan, Business Integration Consulting Director added. “Our expertise with business integration consulting, coupled with ITI’s interoperability technologies, will significantly enhance the value proposition that we offer our respective customers.”