Milford OH, June 17, 2024 - International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), International TechneGroup, Inc. (ITI), a global leader in CAD model simplification and data translation solutions, proudly announces the release of CADfix PPS 5. This latest version of our flagship product introduces a suite of groundbreaking features and performance enhancements, solidifying CADfix PPS as the premier solution for plant and process model simplification.

CADfix PPS 5 brings unprecedented efficiency and precision to the simplification of complex equipment models. Key features include:

  • Revolve simplification - reduces complex parts to simplified revolved solids
  • Extrude simplification - converts complex parts to extruded sections and removes details
  • Thread simplification - automates the simplification of threaded components to basic solids
  • Optimized floor grill simplification - reduces complex floor grills and gratings to basic solids
  • Centerline network identification - automatic detection and preservation of centerline networks, ensuring the integrity of flow paths and pipe networks in simplified models
  • Preservation of connectors and nozzles - intelligent algorithms ensure that essential external connectors are maintained.

The new simplification tools in CADfix PPS 5 deliver outstanding reductions in model complexity and resulting file size. The enhanced simplification techniques mean that even the most detailed solid models can now be simplified effectively. Thanks to new tools such as the intelligent revolve and extrude simplification, users can achieve significantly higher face count reductions, leading to greater file size reductions, which improve manageability and performance in downstream applications.

ITI - International TechneGroup

Figure 1: New Revolved Part Simplification in CADfix PPS 5.

ITI - International TechneGroup

Figure 2: New Extrude Simplification in CADfix PPS 5.

Not only is CADfix PPS 5 achieving greater levels of model simplification, but it sets new benchmarks for processing speed and efficiency. The new release sees dramatic speed increases, with an average speed-up of three to five times over previous simplification times, and in some cases even higher performance gains. On average, the processing times have been slashed by 65% to 90%, allowing engineers to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

User experience and model analysis is enhanced in CADfix PPS 5 with the introduction of powerful new tools. The new Before/After comparison tool allows users to overlay and toggle between original and simplified model views, making it easier to assess the impact of simplification. A new small body size histogram utility provides a comprehensive assessment of body sizes within large models, enabling the selection of optimal values for auto-simplification.

Andy Chinn, Director at ITI, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to launch CADfix PPS 5, a new product release that takes another massive step forward in large CAD model simplification. The incredible speed increases, significant size reductions, and innovative new tools will empower our customers to streamline their workflows and achieve unprecedented efficiency. This release marks a major milestone for ITI, and we are excited to see the transformative impact it will have on the industry.”

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