By Jamie Flerlage, on behalf of LOTAR International

Milford, OH, December 20, 2011 – In the latest round of industry support, the International LOTAR (Long Term Archival and Retrieval) Consortium welcomed Embraer and Bombardier as new members.  Rick Zuray of The Boeing Company, and current team leader for LOTAR International, states, “We are excited to have Embraer and Bombardier as members and look forward to working with their teams.”

This year, the Consortium’s workgroups advanced several initiatives, including functional and technical pilots related to the support of AP242, specifically in the areas of PMI, 3D Data Tessellation and External Element Reference Support, and Part 200 for Long Term Archival of PDM Data.  Different parts of Final Ballot EN/NAS 9300 are under review by the AIA EMC, and targeted for release this quarter.

Consortium members made significant accomplishments in the Composites workgroup, specifically for Part 300: Fundamentals and Concepts for Long Term Archival of 3D Composite Design Data.  The workgroup continues to enhance its requirements and use case documentation in parallel with pilot activities at various organizations.  The workgroup finished its Composite Material, Shape and Structure recommended practices for STEP AP203E2 and AP209E2.  The group is also supporting a pilot with Wichita State University to develop test cases that will support AP203E2.

In response to industry suggestions, the Consortium created two new workgroups that are tasked with collecting requirements and defining use cases for Electric Harness and Meta Data.  The latter workgroup has already defined a phased project plan and product dependency map. 

The near-term LOTAR roadmap includes work on Part 120V2, which governs full semantic representation and presentation of Geometry and PMI entities, concentrating specifically on the PMI work being done with AP242 PMI Team.  The team’s next version of the UCS report will be Revision J, and released as a CAx-IF document in May/June 2012, together with new Polyline Recommended Practices.

“Many organizations are now including LOTAR as a strategic component to supporting production readiness initiatives,” states Zuray.  “We expect to welcome additional Consortium members in the coming year.”


About LOTAR International

LOTAR International is a project led by OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry, under the joint auspices of ASD-STAN, AIA, PDES Inc. and the ProSTEP iViP Association.  The objective of LOTAR International is to develop standards for long-term archiving (LTA) of digital data, such as 3D CAD and PDM data.  

The LOTAR project consortium consists of user companies and contributing members from around the world. Member companies include Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, EADS, Eurocopter, General Dynamics, Goodrich, IAI, Lockheed Martin, SAFRAN, Sandia, and Spirit.  Contributing members include ADV/DM, Dassault Systemmes, Datakit, ITI TranscenData, Kubotek, PTC, Purdue University, Siemens PLM and Theorem Solutions.

If your organization is interested in joining LOTAR, visit the LOTAR International website:

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ITI TranscenData is the product data interoperability business within International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI). ITI TranscenData provides interoperability solutions that enable companies to effectively exchange, reuse, integrate and share engineering product data among diverse software applications used throughout a manufacturing enterprise and its supply chain. ITI TranscenData solutions are aimed directly at reducing and eliminating non-value-added time and costs associated with reusing product data. ITI TranscenData solutions are distributed worldwide through a combination of direct sales, resellers, and strategic vendor/OEM partners. Included
among ITI TranscenData’s customers are ABB, Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Daimler, EADS, Ford, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Lego, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MAHLE Powertrain, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Renault, Rockwell Collins, Samsung Electronics, Siemens Automotive, Snecma, Spirit AeroSystems, Thales, ThyssenKrupp, US Air Force, US Army, Xerox and others.


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