Data management expertise - We know the document management, CAD & BoM data management, and ECR/ECO change management schema and processes.

Holistic approach - In addition to developing the data integration tools, we provide integration implementation and legacy data migration consulting services.

Experience - Hundreds of customers (representing over 25,000 licenses) have successfully implemented ITI’s PLM integrations across many industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronic equipment, industrial equipment, and medical/healthcare equipment.

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ITI Delivers Value for PLM/CAD Integration


ITI - International TechneGroup
Integration Features
- Create new
- Save-as (clone)
- Rename
- Check-in/Check-out
- Attribute sync
- PLM change status/refresh
- Named baseline (establish and retrieve)
- E-BoM synch
- Derived output (2D drawing viewing)
- Derived output (3D model viewing)
- Lifecycle Mgt. (promote, demote, release)
- Revise


ITI can help you create momentum toward realizing these PLM capabilities:

Improved data access and security

  • Enterprise-wide, consistent CAD data security protocol
  • CAD data access controls, via user, group, and/or role

Improved process efficiencies

  • Consistent, enterprise-wide CAD design, create, revise, and release process
  • CAD design collaboration for geographically distributed teams
  • Consistent CAD structure and engineering BoM synchronization

Improved data sharing

  • CAD design/part re-use across product lines and/or business units
  • More effective downstream use of 2D or 3D CAD data, via lightweight viewing tools
  • Data sharing with internal/external customers and suppliers 

ITI Delivers Value for PLM/ERP Integration

PLM ERP Integration     

Integration Features
- Part transfer to ERP
- ECO and E-BoM transfer to ERP
- MCO and M-BoM transfer to ERP
- Support for categories, catalogs, and Mfg. Part No's
- Flexible mapping attributes
- PLM to multiple mfg. site-specific ERP systems
- Incremental BoM transfer, based on BoM compare
- Closed-loop synchronous data transfer
- Remote view of ERP items & BoMs, using dialogs
- ERP part item transfer to PLM


ITI can help you create momentum toward realizing these PLM capabilities:

Synchronization of data across PLM and ERP

  • Automated exchange of data
  • Closed-loop synchronous process, ensuring complete transactions
  • Integrated as part of the PLM ECR/ECO process

Improved process efficiencies

  • More efficient ECR/ECO processing time
  • Reduced ERP data entry errors

Extensible solution

  • Customer extensions on both the PLM front-end and ERP back-end

ITI Vendor/OEM Partnerships and Integration Portfolio

We provide CAD and ERP integrations under long-term vendor/OEM partnerships, including Aras Corporation, Dassault Systemes, and Siemens PLM Software.

Aras - Innovator

NX and Creo
Oracle ERP and QAD/Mfg. Pro

Dassault Systemes - 3DEXPERIENCE

NX and Creo
Oracle ERP and QAD/Mfg. Pro

Siemens PLM Software - Teamcenter

Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Electrical


ITI Integration Implementation Consulting

As an Aras, Dassault Systems and Siemens integration development partner, ITI is uniquely qualified to assist you with your integration implementations. We understand how the legacy CAD data integration software is used, as well as their nuances and specific data management requirements. We have developed a step-by-step integration implementation methodology to ensure that your future PLM/CAD/ERP implementation will meet your business needs. Our integration methodology is scalable and extensible to address the unique needs of your business.

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