IGESworks V6.0 is the most recent version of ITI's data exchange technology that allows you to view, analyze, validate and edit IGES files for more reliable data translation. IGESworks performs more than 500 types of syntactic and semantic checks while automatically correcting invalid data whenever possible. For more information, please see the below IGESworks user documentation. Within these documents you will discover interactive functionality, automation commands and a wealth of information related to validation and mapping of IGES data.

Please see the CAD Migration page for details on how IGESworks is used within consulting projects at ITI.

The latest IGESworks functionality includes the following:

  • The enabling of Python script execution from within IGESworks
  • Improved decompose functionality to update pointers such that children of the decomposed entity are not attached with its parent entities
  • Improved Dynamic Display capabilities
  • The addition of a new command, "Disable Validation," to control validation checks and fixes

IGESworks user documentation 

Release Notes PDF
Users Manual 0.6MB PDF
Command Reference Manual 0.9MB PDF
License Utilities & Trouble Shooting Guide 0.4MB PDF
Installation Guide 1.1MB PDF
Uninstall Documentation 0.1MB PDF

License code utilities

Click here to visit the Utility page where you gather machine information needed to create an IGESworks product license.

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