HATCH Deploys CADfix PPS to Streamline Large Equipment Model Simplification

Milford, OH, 1 February 2021 - Leading engineering data interoperability solution provider International Technegroup Incorporated (ITI) has released a new industrial case study that focuses on the use of ITI’s CADfixTM PPS model simplification and file size reduction solution. HATCH, industry-leading engineering, procurement, and construction management firm, is utilizing CADfix PPS to streamline large equipment model simplification and integration processes.

Plant designers need to integrate hundreds of equipment assemblies into the overall plant layout, however, the associated large CAD models are often too detailed, leading to excessive import times, system instability, crashes, and expensive rework. ITI’s CADfix PPS solution resolves the issues faced by engineers when importing these very large and complex equipment models, by automatically simplifying the geometry and achieving significant file size reductions, to produce models more suitable for integration with the layout.

ITI - International TechneGroup

CADfix PPS automatic simplification of complex MCAD equipment assembly models

HATCH, headquartered in Toronto Canada, and with over six decades of business and technical experience in the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors, commissioned an internal survey that indicated an average of 15 vendor files per project requires manual simplification. With four revisions per file and average model size of 125MB, this amounted to up to 50 hours of non-value-add simplification work for every file.

Using CADfix PPS, HATCH’s engineers were able to quickly convert complex geometry into simpler representations, significantly reducing complexity and file size, and enabling the seamless integration of equipment assemblies into the plant layout. In a small sample of 29 equipment models, ranging from 40 Mb to 756 Mb, CADfix PPS achieved an average file size reduction of 89%, with associated labor savings.

A HATCH Mechanical Lead commented, “CADfix PPS is currently the best software for exchanging files back and forth with the vendors. It saves a lot of time reducing files. The simplification process runs in the background while designers can work on other more important things. And then once complete, it takes less than an hour to import the now usable file, adjust in the layout and review the tie point location.”

Andy Chinn, Director of ITI’s CADfix development center added, “In these challenging times businesses are looking to increase efficiency, decrease time-to-market, and get to commissioning faster. I am delighted to see the benefits that CADfix PPS is bringing to the model simplification and integration processes at HATCH. The time and costs savings are significant and the expectation is that CADfix PPS will pay for itself within one year.”

Read the full case study here.

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