Maximize CAD Data Re-use

By providing fully functional models that retain the original product knowledge in INVENTOR, GoToINVENTOR maximizes CAD data re-use and offers a reliable basis for further product design and development.

Geometry, features, history, sketch relations, manufacturing information, metadata, and assembly information seamlessly transfer to INVENTOR. GoToINVENTOR can also convert associative drawings along with the linked 3D models in one automated procedure.


GoToINVENTOR Features:

  • Automatic feature-based conversion of design history, parameters, geometry, sketches, constraints, manufacturing information, and metadata
  • 3D assembly and model support
  • 2D associative drawing support
  • Legacy CAD data auditor
  • Interactive completion tools
  • Conversion validation technology
  • Advanced reporting and Q/A
  • PLM integration support 

ITI - International TechneGroup

With GoToINVENTOR, design teams can easily understand issues related to modeling practices. GoToINVENTOR also offers source data auditing and automated conversion reporting, including feature validation and transaction records. 

GoToINVENTOR converts high-quality CAD models without losing workability or manufacturing data. The conversion process preserves design history; more importantly, though, it adds value by removing old issues embedded in the original model and extracting additional value from a CAD migration or conversion. This results in fully functional models in INVENTOR that retain the original product knowledge and provide a reliable basis for further development. Learn more on our CAD Consolidation page.


Supported source CAD systems:

  • CATIA V5
  • NX
  • Creo/Wildfire
  • Solid Edge



ITI - International TechneGroup

Saving time with feature-based conversion technology

Kalitta Motorsports wanted a digital twin of their cylinder head design to be on the same Autodesk platform as the rest of their files. The initial challenge was the team did not have the time to start from scratch and re-model the cylinder head in Autodesk Inventor. With our GoToINVENTOR technology, the Kalitta team was able to take the original Solidworks file and convert each feature and sketch to an Autodesk Inventor part file. GoToINVENTOR saved the Kalitta team an impressive 80+ hours. Read more hereDOWNLOAD INFO SHEET