Man & Machine

May 18th - 18th 2021

       MuM Services - Conversion of data with optimization of the CAD environment      RegistER

This presentation is aiming at users and decision-makers who want to convert data from a 3D third-party CAD system to Autodesk Inventor and ensure data quality and intelligence in the process. In this 30-minute webinar, we will show you how to convert third-party data in an automated process, including features, parametrics, and associative drawings. We will also show how you can optimize the use of third-party data from different CAD vendors, or natively integrate it into your design and update it to the latest revision.

AIAA Aviation 2021

June 7th - 11th 2021

AIAA Aviation Forum 2017

ITI is attending Aviation 2021 conference in Washington, D.C, June 7-11.   Register

DMC 2021

December 13th - 16th 2021


DMC 2019

ITI is attending the DMC 2021 conference in Dever, CO, December 13-16.    REGISTER