DEXcenter V13 is the most recent version of ITI's web-enabled application providing a convenient, reliable, and secure method of translating and transmitting engineering data. For more information on this release, please see the below user and administrator documents. Within these documents, you will discover new functionality, interfaces, CAD and platform support matrices. If you have arrived at this location and desire detailed product information instead of support, please go to the DEXcenter product page.

Some highlights of DEXcenter functionality include the following:

  • Automates the typical multi-step translation and transmission processes to reduce effort, speed delivery, and ensure consistency and reliability
  • Protects proprietary data through user authentication and secure transmission
  • Manages internal and external user exchange requirements
  • Customizable to provide translations that meet specific recipient-unique requirements
  • Automated model quality analysis and BREP comparison between translated models (with CADIQ)
  • Automated CAD data translation and repair (with CADfix or other translation options) 

DEXcenter user documents

License code utilities

DEXcenter is supported on the following operating systems:

  • DEXcenter server (DXS): Windows Server 2012 or later (x32/x64), Redhat Linux
  • DEXcenter Translation Servers (DTS): Windows Server 2012 or later (x32/x64)

Click here to visit the Utilities Page where you gather machine information needed to create a DEXcenter product license.

Contact support

Phone 1-888-783-9199