DEXcenter provides a CAD data exchange system with automation capabilities needed to work with partners and suppliers using different CAD systems, and for supporting MBE.

  • Translate native into neutral and other native CAD formats and validate
  • Evaluate CAD models for manufacturing usage
  • Add intellectual property and export regulatory markings to neutral and native CAD models
  • Document ECO changes by programmatically comparing different revisions
  • Create and verify technical data packages 

ITI - International TechneGroup

DEXcenter consists of a global collaboration portal and a process automation engine that can be used together as a stand-alone server. It is easily accessible to users with standard web browsers. The user interface is designed to be easy for occasional and casual users, yet provides advanced functionality for expert users who need greater control and flexibility. 





Secure managed file transfer

Corporate product data is your most valuable asset, yet it is frequently put at risk. DEXcenter is an easy-to-use solution that provides secure file exchange and traditional CAD automation on a vendor-neutral, SOA-compliant platform. When exchanged through DEXcenter, proprietary data is encrypted to prevent interception. Records of every exchange are maintained to validate what was sent when it was sent, and when it was received. Automated ITAR and EAR Export Regulation Compliance steps are included.



  • DEXcenter is installed in your network, utilizing your own security mechanisms.
  • JEE architecture separates data and application components, minimizing unauthorized access risks.
  • Industry-standard JBOSS application server combines with Oracle, MySQL or SQLserver database support.
  • SSL is encrypted for transmission (https or sftp).
  • Modular architecture is compatible with firewalls for greater security.
  • Files reside in your network until retrieved by recipient or delivered to a partner’s SFTP site.
  • Access requires a username and password authenticated through LDAP, SSO or DEXcenter’s internal authentication method.
  • DEXcenter internal authentication includes password policies such as password strength, re-use and expiration.
  • Users can access only their own data and information.
  • Suppliers have no knowledge of other suppliers.


  • Exchanges are organized into sessions.
  • Sessions are accessible only by the individuals to whom they were sent.
  • Transactions are logged to support auditing and verification. A built-in Report Generation function allows easy generation of usage and auditing reports.
  • Automatic PURGE functions delete sessions of a specified age.
  • User profiles maintain critical information to allow easy and consistent use.
  • ITAR and EAR Export Regulation Compliance is provided when needed.
  • Appropriate confidentiality agreements protect Intellectual Property.
  • Approval processes are incorporated to release data.

Process automation

DEXcenter provides a CAD processing environment that can be used with the global collaboration portal as a standalone solution. In addition, the process automation engine can be integrated with business applications to provide translation and/or secure managed file transfer. Customers benefit from an automated solution that reduces more than 80% of wasted labor and resource costs.

For complete information on DEXcenter's Process Automation capability, visit the Process Automation page.       DOWNLOAD INFO SHEET