Customer success: CAD translation, repair and defeaturing

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GHandI-CADfixITI's CADfix team worked with the GHandI program partners to develop new capabilities for extracting information from geometry from various sources, including CAD, for use elsewhere in the aerodynamic simulation process. The new CADfix capability enables the automatic generation of a high quality CFD mesh for the simulation of the airflow around the aircraft.  

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  • ArvinMeritor - CADfix opens the doors to 3D Model Legacy Data
  • BAE Systems - CADfix helps fight the electronic enemy
  • Boeing - CADfix streamlines data exchange between CAE and a range of CAD systems
  • Chromalloy - CADfix repairs CAD data for downstream FEA
  • DuPont - Solving CAD file conversion with CADfix
  • EMA3D - Integration with CADfix drives efficiency for electromagnetic simulation
  • Ericsson Saab Avionics - Effective computational electromagnetic analysis
  • Federal Mogul - Unifying Design and Analysis
  • GHandI - CADfix innovations support the next generation simulation tools for aircraft compliance
  • Glacier Vandervell - Multi-CAD to downstream CAE Interoperability
  • Holset - Innovative Engineering through Efficient Data Exchange
  • Hyproline - CADfix supports innovative AM process for mass production of 3D printed parts
  • Lotus - CADfix Enables Effective Consulting
  • Cosworth (MAHLE) - CADfix positioned as the data hub
  • Millbrook Group - CADfix solves automotive data exchange
  • Mira - Pioneering EMC technology with CADfix
  • Pacmold - Accelerating 3D Models into Mold Designs
  • Petroni - Rapid CAD to Magmasoft Casting Analysis Conversions
  • ProEng Solutions - CADfix for CAE provides quick fix for fast food
  • Swansea University & BLOODHOUND Project - CADfix Breathes Life Into 1,000mph Car Bid