Milford OH, February 21, 2023 - Global interoperability solution provider International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), has released a new industrial case study that focuses on the use of ITI’s CADfix CAD translation, repair, and healing solution. Commercial Tool Group utilizes CADfix to repair and translate incoming CATIA design models into valid solid models in NX’s mold design application.

The industry is currently seeing many experienced designers retiring, and the expertise does not exist locally to fill this void. Consequently, more and more OEM’s are relying on overseas design houses for the initial part CAD design. While the upfront cost of this approach is attractive, the overall quality of the outsourced design data can be poor and not always suitable for the mold and tool design process.

ITI - International TechneGroup

With over a 70-year history in mold and tool and die design, Commercial Tool Group understands that a specialized solution for efficient multi-CAD translation, repair and healing is needed to prevent additional model repairs resulting from the deteriorating quality of initial part CAD design.

With CADfix, Commercial Tool Group uses a combination of automated workflows and the diagnostic driven repair approach to repair and translate incoming CATIA design models into valid solid models in NX’s mold design application.

CTG Data Manager Dale Bales says: “CADfix is an integral part of our mold design process. It provides an efficient and reliable way to repair bad incoming CAD data and get us to a workable mold design in NX as soon as possible. We avoid project delays and save resources by using CADfix to repair incoming CAD data.”

Steve Utterdyke, Senior Technical Consultant at ITI, said: “CTG has been leveraging ITI’s CADfix solution for over 20 years to repair and heal customer CAD data and streamline the mold making process.”

Read the full case study, HERE.

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