The CADfix Viz CAD to mesh conversion solution streamlines integration processes and maximizes the reuse of 3D digital assets in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications. CADfix Viz optimizes 3D CAD models for use in VR/AR/MR, increases application interoperability, and allows engineers to save valuable time converting and repurposing complex CAD data for visualization applications.

Large and complex 3D mechanical CAD assemblies can be automatically converted into optimized lightweight, low triangle meshes, utilizing the CADfix Viz robust mesh generation, powerful defeaturing tools, and intelligent decimation algorithms. Orders of magnitude reductions in file size and triangle count can be achieved ahead of the integration of models into visualization systems and staging applications.

The import of complex CAD models from multiple native and neutral formats, removal of unwanted features and internal parts, and export of optimized lightweight faceted formats, means that CADfix Viz can seamlessly repurpose CAD data for VR/AR/MR with a high level of automation.

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User control
An intuitive CADfix Viz user interface offers automated model processing and is supported by interactive tools for additional control. A command-line batch option allows CADfix Viz to be integrated into complex automatic workflows to further streamline the conversion of CAD into VR/AR/MR mesh models.

CADfix Viz provides robust faceting for export to various AR/VR/MR applications. User control over faceting resolution ensures that models are consistently captured at the required level of detail (LOD), with the ability to export multiple LOD as necessary.  

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Generating lightweight models
CADfix Viz quickly removes unwanted small parts, features, and internal details from the MCAD model, reducing the total number of triangles required to sufficiently represent the model in the VR/AR/MR system. The CADfix Viz triangle decimation process further reduces triangle count and file size according to user-controlled tolerances.

Key CADfix Viz features:

  • Generate mesh models at multiple LODs
  • Remove unwanted small parts and invisible internal parts
  • Remove unnecessary CAD features such as holes, protrusions, logos, and text
  • Decimate dense meshes in complex areas
  • Wrap complex parts while retaining key features (Box, Convex Hull & Shrinkwrap)
  • Generate and optimize assembly hierarchies

Using CADfix Viz VR/AR/MR application developers, users and engineers, with no MCAD modeling experience can quickly and easily generate more useable, lightweight files.

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Imports & Exports for CADfix Viz
CADfix Viz supports the import and export of MCAD geometry and mesh data across a wide range of industry-standard and native formats. 

CADfix Viz provides full support for associated model attributes, such as color, layer, label, and transparency, as well as assembly structures. These properties will be retained downstream in VR/AR/MR systems, where supported.

MCAD Imports:

  • Creo
  • Inventor
  • JT
  • NX
  • Parasolid
  • SAT
  • Solid Edge
  • STEP

Mesh Imports:

  • FBX
  • glTF
  • OBJ

Mesh Exports:

  • FBX
  • glTF/GLB
  • JT
  • OBJ
  • Unity Software (FBX)
  • Unreal Software (FBX)
  • VRML


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