CADfix 12 Service Packs

Service Pack SP1.1 - CAD interface updates, display and stability improvements.

Service Pack SP1 - CAD interface updates, new imports and exports, smarter assembly display, faster and smarter screen picking and model viewing, FlexNet upgrade,bug fixes

CADfix 11 Service Packs

Service Pack SP2 - CAD interface updates, faster assembly support, new tools for Point Cloud comparison and noise reduction, import of nastran meshes, improved 3D differ tool, bug fixes

Service Pack SP1 - CAD interface updates, enhanced defeaturing, improved assembly handling, faster and smarter screen selection, bug fixes

CADfix 10 Service Packs

Service Pack SP2 - CAD interface updates, import/export of material properties, improved welding tool, hidden parts display mode, bug fixes (January 20, 2016)

Service Pack SP1 - CAD interface updates, morph improvements, extended CFI API, bug fixes (July 15, 2015)

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