CADfix PPS – Automatic CAD Model Simplification

The integration of the CADfix PPS model simplification solution with HOOPS gives users the ability to apply the advanced, automated CADfix PPS model simplification and detail reduction tools to fully detailed mechanical CAD models.

CADfix PPS generates lightweight simplified versions of source CAD models to meet the demands of downstream applications, where the complexity of the fully detailed mechanical CAD model is not required, but the overall aesthetic is still needed for visualization, positioning, and packaging purposes.

CADfix PPS achieves significant reductions in model size and complexity whilst retaining the key features of the source CAD model.

ITI - International TechneGroup


CADfix Viz – Model Optimization for Visualization Applications

The integration of the CADfix Viz model optimization and meshing solution with HOOPS allows users to generate multiple, high-quality facetted representations of a source CAD model.

Options for model simplification and mesh sizing enable the generation of multiple Levels Of Detail (LOD) representations, optimized for specific use cases.

ITI - International TechneGroup