The powerful CADfix geometry modelling engine is available as an application development toolkit with an extensive library of geometry interrogation and processing functions, all accessible via the CADfix CFI application programming interface.

Access the CADfix geometry engine through the CFI toolkit enables end users and software developers to develop advanced custom applications built upon the CADfix geometry system. Specialist geometry processing and CAE meshing systems can be rapidly developed using the flexible CADfix geometry kernel operating and on the CADfix model database. 

CADfix Modelling Engine API

Some of the capabilities provided by CADfix CFI for geometry creation, interrogation and processing include:

  • Projections
  • Derivatives
  • Ray firing
  • Curve and surface tessellation
  • Mass property generation and extraction
  • Boolean functions
  • Surface intersections and surface lofting

CADfix CFI offers multiple language support, including C/C++/Java/Python/Fortran.

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