Models often need to be defeatured or simplified for downstream advanced analysis applications. The typical defeaturing operations involve the removal of small features that place unnecessary constraints on the downstream meshing application, and that are not required as part of the simulation process.

Powerful CADfix geometry handling capabilities are supported by a full range of CAD import and export translators, meaning that CADfix is able to process CAD models from most native and neutral formats and provides an effective connection to CAE.

CADfix Simplification of CAD for CAE

Using CADfix to simplify CAD models for CAE

The CADfix automatic and interactive tools for CAD model simplification and defeaturing include:

  • Automatic collapse of short edges and thin sliver faces
  • Manual collapse of points
  • Joining chains of short edges and regions of small faces
  • Removal of unwanted holes and protrusions
  • Removal of fillets and chamfers
  • Removal of complex user selected features such as ribs and complex protrusions

Additional splitting and subdivision tools enable the partitioning of models for CAE:

  • Planar cuts of edges, surfaces and bodies
  • General splitting of faces with user defined general splitting curves
  • General splitting of bodies with user defined general splitting faces
  • Splitting of faces with surface isolines
  • Splitting of overlapping faces

Feature Removal and Geometry Partitioning for CAE

Feature Removal and Geometry Partitioning for CAE

Master model-driven FEA, CFD, EM solutions

With ever-shortening product design cycles, the emphasis on simulation tools to provide timely results is greater than ever. This pressure dictates FEA, CFD, and EM analysis being driven off the master model CAD data. While CAD provides the geometry, a great deal of time is still spent preparing it for analysis.

CADfix for geometric exchange and model simplification is uniquely positioned in the CAD-to-CAE data flow with its ability to read and write multiple geometric formats, repair and heal poor quality geometry and defeature and simplify complex geometric definitions. This results in more robust geometric definitions for analysis needs.

For more information, please see the CAD to CAE Interoperability Page