CAD Conversion Experts

ITI’s software libraries and toolkits have served as the interoperability foundation for neutral-format translators since 1983, and are embedded in today’s systems. Vendors such as Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systemes, PTC, Autodesk, MSC, and Mentor Graphics rely on ITI’s technology for their end-user products.

In addition to vendor partnerships, global manufacturers use ITI’s software and consulting solutions to develop proprietary, program-specific CAD translation, conversion, and transformation solutions, including:

  • AutoCAD Inventor Translation
  • CATIA Translation
  • Creo Translation
  • NX Translation
  • Solid Edge Translation
  • SOLIDWORKS Translation

Multi-CAD translation solutions

In 1998, ITI acquired FEGS Ltd. and its internationally recognized application, CADfix. While the strength of CADfix is built upon its CAD-to-CAE capabilities, this technology serves a dual purpose by addressing 3D BREP multi-CAD conversion challenges.

In addition to 3D BREP conversion, customers also use CADfix to reduce CAD model sizes, remove CAD model features, open and view CAD files from multiple formats, and edit/transform CATIA V4 mock-up solids to CATIA V5. 

Data Integration and Interoperability


3D Multi-CAD conversion solutions for model features, histories, and PMI

In 2009, ITI acquired the feature-based conversion solution, Proficiency. This robust application not only allows customers to convert 3D BREP data from System A to System B, but it also allows them to convert the 3D CAD model’s features and history.

Data Integration and Interoperability

2D data migration

Companies burdened by the cost of maintaining obsolete hardware and systems for legacy 2D drawings (e.g. CADAM, CADDS, Anvil, and CADRA) can leverage ITI’s expertise and IGESworks solution to reduce those costs and automate the 2D drawing migration process.

Because of IGESwork's unique mapping and quality-checking capabilities, customers can effectively move large volumes of legacy 2D drawings into downstream systems, preserving not only the accuracy of the engineering information but also its usability.


Manual re-mastering services

In some cases, the only way to migrate CAD data is through manual re-mastering. ITI provides cost-effective re-mastering solutions and project management services through our off-shore partners. Customers can expect:

  • Designers knowledgeable in both modeling systems to define a modeling process
  • Automated pre-processing of source data to correct source system errors ahead of time
  • Support for all data formats, including assemblies, models, and drawings
  • Re-association of 2D drawings to 3D models
  • Independent validation of re-mastered 3D CAD models

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