CAD migration is now easier with ITI’s Proficiency version 16

Milford, Ohio, updated March 7, 2017 – International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) announces availability of the latest version of Proficiency, ITI’s leading feature-based CAD migration solution for manufacturers and suppliers.


Legacy data pre-processing now available

The new legacy data analysis tools in Proficiency 16 make CAD migration easier. Users can simply pre-process entire folders of assemblies, parts and drawings in a single job without separating them product by product. Proficiency’s robust migration engine can now automatically identify all top-level assemblies and drawings, analyze assembly structures, discover inter-model dependencies and check for any missing files. Data pre-processing saves an enormous amount of time and effort previously required by the user for cleaning up the legacy data. The pre-processing results can be used for driving and controlling the entire migration process.


Introducing customizable metadata handling

In CAD migration cases that are part of larger enterprise initiatives involving PLM and ERP systems, proper handling of CAD metadata is extremely important. Proficiency 16 introduces customizable metadata handling, which allows users to synchronize their CAD and PLM/ERP migration processes and avoid costly errors caused by poor integration of migrated data.


“Fast Geometry” flow speeds performance

Proficiency 16 users can now activate a new flow that processes parts that have little design intelligence in geometry mode. The software can activate the Fast Geometry flow on the fly, whenever a less intelligent model is encountered, thus achieving the best performance and highest possible quality for such models.


“We have focused much of the Proficiency 16 development efforts on migration process improvements that save time and effort for our customers,” stated Alex Tsechansky, General Manager of ITI Proficiency. “CAD migration is a major obstacle for clients during acquisitions or CAD consolidation initiatives. The improved project management features of Proficiency 16 offer full control over the CAD migration process along with unprecedented speed and flexibility, making it easy for users to complete their projects on time.”

Proficiency 16

Feature-based migration to Inventor now available

Product enhancements in Proficiency 16 also include support for the latest versions of popular CAD software, as well as the new interface for feature-based migration to Autodesk Inventor. Users of SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Creo, Solid Edge and NX can now automatically convert assemblies, parts and drawings to Inventor, maintaining all features and metadata.


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About International TechneGroup (ITI)

International TechneGroup Inc. began in 1983 with a mission to help manufacturers drive innovation and time to market by applying computer-aided product development to engineering problems. Today, ITI is the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems. Our customers recognize the value in having a trusted solution partner that provides more than just software. ITI solves complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products.


About Proficiency

A feature-based software, Proficiency enables the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems. Geometry, features, history, sketch relations, manufacturing information, metadata, assembly information and drawings are design elements that will seamlessly transfer between CAD systems.