Our team of PLM and CAD experts can help you plan, prepare, and execute critical CAD data migration projects using automated solutions to deliver the highest quality CAD models and drawings. Our technology also serves as the foundation for translators offered by the leading CAD/CAM/CAE vendors such as Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systemes, PTC, AutoDesk, MSC, Mentor Graphics, and others. As software development partners with the major PLM and CAD OEMs, our CAD data exchange systems are able to maximize the re-usability of your legacy models and drawings.

Is your company reducing IT infrastructure costs by retiring legacy systems or consolidating on common platforms?

Converting CAD data from one native format to another can result in orphaned data and costly issues down the road. If the data can’t be re-used, it will be re-created. ITI can help you identify and mitigate these quality risks so cost savings are not lost to design re-work.


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ITI Delivers Value

ITI provides guidance on planning and executing the data migration project.

  • Audit existing data vault to assess quality, identify risks, and ensure an effective and efficient transition
  • Define re-usability requirements and levels of translation required
  • Automate drawing migration
  • Recognize and re-use common parts
  • Comprehensively check and report quality
  • Generate high-quality automated results:
    • Always accurate 3D models
    • The maximum amount of design history
    • Maintenance of links and constraints among all documents (parts, assemblies, and drawings)
    • Complete metadata for PLM synchronization
  • Retire the legacy CAD system(s) and hardware

Intelligent Data Migration that won't Slow You Down

ITI's CAD data exchange systems have solved migration problems ranging from scanned drawings to associative drawings to MBD/3D Master models.  A “native” file may not be easy to re-use if it has been stripped of its construction history. ITI helps clients develop a deep understanding of the complexity of links, the content, and the quality in their original CAD data. This allows each company to select the most efficient and complete method to automate CAD migrations and translations.


Data Migration Services

Let ITI handle your CAD data migration project for you. We will first perform an audit of the data set in order to provide an assessment of items included, and the cost to completely transfer all of your files from one CAD format to another while maintaining all features and associativity. We can also provide you with a validation report once the migration is completed, certifying the quality of the migrated CAD files in the target system.

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