Need help with CAD consolidation?

Our team of PLM and CAD experts can help you plan, prepare, and execute critical CAD data consolidation projects using automated solutions, like Proficiency, to deliver the highest quality CAD models and drawings.

CAD consolidation


ITI's CAD consolidation services and solutions can handle common problems, ranging from scanned drawings to associative drawings to MBD/3D Master models. ITI helps clients develop a deep understanding of the complexity of links, the content, and the quality in their original CAD data. This allows each client to select the most efficient and complete method to consolidate their CAD data, while protecting intellectual property.

Our technology serves as the foundation for translators offered by the leading CAD/CAM/CAE vendors such as Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systemes, PTC, AutoDesk, MSC, Mentor Graphics, and others. As software development partners with the major PLM and CAD OEMs, our CAD consolidation systems are able to maximize the re-usability of your legacy models and drawings.

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