ITI is the market leader providing solutions in CAD migration and CAD conversion, both for 2D and 3D CAD Data. We use our extensive experience to guide users through the steps necessary to create a successful migration plan. Our experts help evaluate and categorize legacy data and make practical decisions regarding trade-offs such as bulk versus on-demand processing, or associative versus non-associative drawings. We help identify the best ways to establish a repeatable process. 

The Audit-Based Approach

The first step in a successful CAD migration or conversion project is to understand the characteristics of your data. ITI’s patented CAD Data Auditor technology quickly assesses the data set you intend to move and identifies the composition:

  • What links?
  • What history?
  • What attributes?
  • What types of design content?

CAD Data Auditor

The results of this audit, combined with ITI’s expertise, provide clear insight into the quality of your legacy data and its compatibility with a new CAD system. The resulting road map helps set clear expectations for the project and allows you to identify, prioritize and resolve gaps in your migration plan.

Risk Mitigation

CAD conversion and migration projects come with risk. Often, budgets are defined strictly on a number of files, prior to a technical assessment. Management expects projects will be straightforward, with the quality of data automatically preserved. The cost and time involved to handle this process accurately are typically underestimated. To meet unrealistic schedules and budgets, years of intellectual property are thrown away, resulting in future re-work to accomplish engineering changes.

ITI's expertise can help you minimize such risks and optimize the process. Avoid project delays due to unexpected quality issues. An ITI audit helps identify quality issues prior to production and prevents unexpected project results that require additional time and budget to correct manually. 

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