Photo by Henry Bucklow Boeing 787 MAX Farnborough 2016By comparing geometry, design features, and product manufacturing information (PMI) to identify significant differences, CADIQ offers more robust validation than any other solution on the market. This is why ITI has been selected by consortia and industry standards groups as their validation partner.

CADIQ also performs CAD assembly analysis, comparing CAD assembly structure. Results can be reviewed in the standalone CADIQ Viewer as well as summary text and statistical reports. 

CADIQ automatically generates 3D PDF report documentation that clearly highlights the changes in model geometry and 3D PMI between the model revisions.


Aerospace suppliers significantly benefit from all of CADIQ's capabilities


CAD model quality assurance
Identify significant defects in a native model that impact downstream re-use.


Revision control
Identify unintentional or undocumented changes between revisions of a CAD model.


Derivative validation
Identify unacceptable differences between native and derivative models.


Manufacturability checking
Ensure CAD model geometry will be producible downstream in manufacturing.


Long-term archival and retrieval (LOTAR) validation
Enable comprehensive validation of the retrieved model in a future system, and the ability to add data to the archive, through neutral file conversions of 3D models.


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ITI has been a trusted partner of Boeing for over two decades and has extensive experience helping the aerospace industry maintain the integrity of their digital product definition. For more information on Boeing's D6-51991, read these helpful documents:

Boeing D6-51991 - April 2016

Boeing Digital Product Definition/Model Based Definition Checklist  - Oct 2010


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