Manufacturers implementing a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) create and publish 3D PDF technical documentation for use downstream. Because the fidelity of data contained in the 3D PDF must be high, and the PMI GD&T, or TDP, must be accurate and precise, an automated validation solution is necessary for the 3D PDF content.

Anark provides best-in-class tools for creating 3D PDFs. 

ITI provides the industry-leading CAD validation solution.


ITI and Anark are working together to help more and more manufacturers implement MBE.

When ITI customers use Anark’s software to export 3D PDF files from the major CAD systems, they turn to the best-in-class validation solution, CADIQ from ITI, to compare model data.

ITI’s CADIQ is a validation tool that clearly understands the Anark transformation process. Working together, Anark and ITI will help get customers into production faster with an MBE solution that provides a tight feedback loop and helps customers work more efficiently, make decisions more quickly, and get products out faster.

This partnership offers customers the leading production software systems with a significant shared expertise. The partnership will improve the integration between the two industry-leading interoperability solutions to produce and validate 3D PDFs. 



CADIQ and Anark Core

Anark is the leader in publishing 3D PDF data for engineering purposes. Anark Core and MBEWeb can publish and host PDF content that includes all types of engineering data:

  • 2D drawings
  • 3D CAD (with or without advanced MBD)
  • Tabular data such as parts lists, manufacturing notes, and enterprise attributes

When a precise semantic MBD model in a design system is converted into a graphical visualization model, like a 3D PDF, it is more than a translation, it is a transformation. A validation tool, in this case CADIQ, that reveals something unexpected in a particular model, adds tremendous value for the customer. CADIQ is the industry leader in providing validation of derivatives for PDFs.


CADIQ compares geometry, design features and product manufacturing information (PMI) between related models to identify significant differences. CADIQ understands expected differences in the 3D PDF in advance of validation and can provide the customer with a true third party pass/fail assessment if there are any unexpected differences.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Improved, seamless interoperability between ITI and Anark solutions
  • Increased level of confidence in results
  • Decreased potential error conditions
  • Improved performance at a lower cost
  • Accurate, useful solutions for downstream sharing of data
  • Quality enterprise deployments that use ITI and Anark solutions
  • Focus on geometry
  • API-based third party, true validations
  • 30+ experience developing standards-based CAD interoperability solutions (ITI)
  • Assurance of the integrity and reusability of product data
  • Ability to address larger opportunities more efficiently
  • The ability for global companies to compile and publish technical content from multiple authoritative sources, such as CAD, PLM, MRP, and ERP

For more information, read the Press Release: 

ITI and Anark Corporation form strategic partnerships to provide production-quality 3D PDF technical document publishing and validation.       DOWNLOAD INFO SHEET


MBE White Paper

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