What is Advanced Manufacturing Solutions? 


Product development and manufacturing companies implement computer software tools to support design, engineering, engineering analysis, costing, producibility, manufacturability systems engineering, manufacturing, supplier interaction, tool design, process planning, machine programming, reliability, testing, performance sensors on fielded products in a nutshell almost every activity is achieved using one or more computer software tools. 

The computer software tools produce information that is used or consumed by downstream and upstream processes. The extent of information use and reuse has a direct impact on efficiencies within an organization and across multi-level supply chains. Our proven approach encompasses digital thread interoperability analysis, capture, integration & linking, regeneration, and research & development.

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Digital Thread Process

  • Digital Thread Analysis (Process-Organization-Tools) – Discover the “Who”, “What”, “Where” and “How” of the digital thread within your organization.
  • Digital Thread Capture – Discover the “Why” for the digital thread.  Find the source of errors and delays by following a specific production process from start to finish to identify digital artifacts and critical points that data errors can or do occur. 
  • Digital Thread Integration and Linking – Streamline, automate and accelerate the process by programmatically integrating the digital artifacts and processes within the digital thread.  Programmatic solutions present real-time feedback to engineers when information changes, constraints are violated, when product targets are updated, and when predicted performance meets or misses targets. 
  • Digital Thread Regeneration – Bring new life to existing data. The industry is in a continuous state of software tool updates, changes, end-of-life’s, transitions to new technologies; however, the data does not always move or migrate with the changes and support efficient usage in the new environment.  Design and deploy processes and systems to upgrade data and support more efficient information usage.
  • Digital Thread Research and Development – Discover ways to programmatically generate information to accelerate the process, reduce errors, and minimize “design-build-test” and repeat cycles.


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ITI - International TechneGroup