MxPLink Solution Objective

The integration enables independent use, and leverages the value of PDMLink for MCAD WIP data management, as well as ENOVIA for enterprise engineering release and change control.

  • Mechanical design is initiated in PDMLink and design variations can be iterated on, independent of ENOVIA
  • Mechanical design data is “pushed”toENOVIA when it is ready for enterprise visibility or enterprise change management
    • MCAD data and E-BoM are synched or MCAD data creates the E-BoM
  • Enterprise visibility to mechanical design data (derived files) is “controlled” by ENOVIA via data access rules
  • Once released, mechanical design data within PDMLink is “locked-down” until an ENOVIA ECR is initiated/released
  • Mechanical design data is “packaged” and “transferred” for supplier exchange via ENOVIA

MxPLink represents an integration framework, made up of flexible and reusable components, that can be "engineered" into a specific customer solution.

MxPLink managed MCAD design and PLM Process Synchronization 

With our detailed knowledge of PDMLink and ENOVIA, combined with our dedicated integration and implementation staff, ITI is the perfect partner to ensure your project is successful.