Customer Success: CAD Model Quality and Validation

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MTU uses CADIQ for LOTAR Validation

ITI supported a twelve-month evaluation and testing phase in support of MTU Aero Engines LOTAR initiative. CADIQ was selected as the preferred solution for the validation of MTU’s NX and STEP data since it was easy to integrate and supported LOTAR verification/validation checks, clouds of points (from NX to STEP), use of different CAD kernels and validation of JT files.

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  • Ford - CADIQ for six-sigma quality and translation validation
  • Johnson Gate - Tier 1 automotive supplier uses CADIQ to ensure model quality
  • MTU Aero Engines - CADIQ verifies and validates CAD models for Long-Term Archival and Retention (LOTAR)
  • NAVAIR - Significant savings are discovered as NAWCAD explores moving to MBD